Sri Lankan cricket creates big ruckus, players threaten the board to retire


New Delhi: India and Sri Lanka (IND vs SL) are to have a series of limited overs in July. But before this series, there is a tense situation between the Sri Lankan team player and the board there. The matter has increased so much that Sri Lankan team players have threatened to retire from the board.

New digit based grading system is the reason

Actually, Sri Lanka cricket board has a new points based grading system. According to this system, the annual earnings of Sri Lankan cricketers will be assessed. The players have not liked this thing. According to a report in the Sunday Times, the representative of the players in the Sri Lanka Cricket Contract negotiation quoted Mark as saying that every player personally believes that they should be made part of the process of awarding points.

At the same time, Ashley DeSilva, a member of the Sri Lanka Cricket Management Committee, said, ‘The contract has been changed according to the demand of the players. Now we will share with senior players after finalizing the contract. But so far no player has said that he will not sign this contract.

This is the demand of Sri Lankan players

Sri Lankan cricket players demand that they be told how they will be awarded points based on grade. He said this because it will directly affect his earnings. Because of this, these players are threatening to retire their board.


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