‘Stop India and England Test match’, know why this demand arose on social media


New Delhi: The rain did injustice with Team India standing on the threshold of winning the first Test match against England. Team India could not win the first test match against England due to rain. India needed 157 runs to win on the fifth and final day of the Nottingham Test match, with 9 wickets remaining, but due to incessant rain, not a single ball could be bowled and the match was drawn.

Demand to stop the series arose on social media

After this, tremendous anger of fans was seen on social media. Fans raised the demand on social media to stop the Test match between India and England. Fans say that England is a very strange place to play cricket. Most of the matches here get lost due to rain. Be it the World Cup or the general match, most of the rain in England has ruined the game.

Big chance of victory snatched from India

Let us tell you that due to incessant rain, India lost the chance of winning the first Test against England. Team India’s captain Virat Kohli’s anger also erupted when the match was drawn. The game of the fifth and last day was washed out due to rain and the match could not be started even after a long wait. Indian fans are very disappointed after the draw of this match.

second test match from 12 august

Earlier in the World Test Championship final also, rain had continuously disturbed and now in this first test, rain has drawn the match. The second Test match of the series between India and England will be played at Lord’s from August 12. Captain Virat Kohli has made it clear that in the next Test match, Team India will go with four fast bowlers and one spinner.


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