Sunil Gavaskar was furious at this Australian legend, made this comment about India


New Delhi: Former Team India captain Sunil Gavaskar (Sunil Gavaskar) has given a befitting reply to the legendary Australian player Michael Hussey. Michael Hussey raised questions about the situation of Corona virus in India. Let us tell you that Michael Hussey is also the batting coach of Chennai Super Kings in IPL. Hussey said that it is not safe to travel to India for the T20 World Cup. Many cricket boards would like to avoid going to India for this tournament.

Gavaskar furious at Hussey’s comment

Sunil Gavaskar is furious with Michael Hussey’s comment about India and he has beaten Hussey fiercely. Former Australia batsman Michael Hussey had said that it is not safe to travel to India for the T20 World Cup. Hussey was hit by the corona virus during IPL 2021.

Hussey did this comment

Michael Hussey had said, ‘I think it will be very difficult to play the T20 World Cup in India. Let us see 8 teams of IPL. In my opinion, there will be only one or more teams in the World Cup. If they play in different cities then the danger will be higher.

Gavaskar hit back

Sunil Gavaskar was furious at Michael Hussey’s statement, saying, ‘There is no insecurity in playing for Kovid in a tournament that pays a lot of money to Australian players (IPL), when Kovid had more cases then an Australian has Did not say that IPL should be cancelled. Not only this, during the Kovid in Melbourne, Australia Open was also organized, then where were such thoughts?

T20 World Cup 4 months away

Gavaskar said, ‘Why are Australians talking like this from now on, everyone knows what was Mike Hussey’s condition before the IPL was stopped, India has been able to fight the first corona wave, anyway T20 World Cup 4 months It is far from this point that India has a lot of time for the tournament, so this kind of conjecture is not right now.


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