Team India may make a place in the final of the World Test Championship, know all the new equations

new Delhi: The International Cricket Council (ICC) will consider deciding the teams that make the final of the first World Test Championship (WTC) affected by the Kovid-19 epidemic based on the percentage of points scored in the matches they have participated in.

According to the report, the ICC Cricket Committee has first considered this option for the tournament but the final decision will be taken by the Chief Executive Committee this week.

According to the report, ‘The teams that make it to the finals of the World Test Championship (WTC) can be decided based on the percentage of points they get from matches played.’

The last quarter meeting of the ICC will begin on Monday.

The report said that the committee also considered the option of treating matches not played due to the epidemic and sharing points but it was rejected.

According to the WTC, each of the top-ranked nine teams play six series in two years with a maximum of 120 points at stake in each series. The top two teams will make it to the final at Lord’s in June next year.

According to the new proposal, if India loses all four Tests against Australia and wins all five Tests against England, then it will be 480.66.67 points.

If India wins all five Tests against England and loses 1-3 to Australia that would be 510 or 70.83 percentage points, which would be slightly higher than the maximum possible percentage of New Zealand.

If India defeats England 5–0 and loses 0–2 to Australia, they will have 500 points or 69.44 percentage points. This means that if New Zealand scores 240 points indoors, even two draws in Australia will not be enough for India.

Among other teams, the team of New Zealand is in the most advantageous position. If the team makes a clean sweep in the home series against the West Indies and Pakistan, then it will get 420 points which is 70 percent and the team will play the final, making it to the top two.

India have to play four Tests in Australia, while England have to host five Tests and these two series will decide the teams that make it to the final of WTC.

India has played four series so far and is leading the way with 360 points. After that comes the number of Australia (296) and England (292).

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