‘Team India wins dishonestly Test Series’, sensational accusation of Australia captain


Melbourne: Australia’s Test captain Tim Paine has made a sensational charge on India. According to Tim Paine, India won the Test series on Australian soil earlier this year dishonestly. Let us know that in January this year, under the captaincy of Ajinkya Rahane, India defeated Australia in their home Test series 2–1, while many of their players were not playing due to injury.

Tim Paine accuses India of dishonesty

Australian captain Tim Paine said that during the Test series earlier this year, Indians had distracted his team’s attention by talking about their meaninglessness. Penn told News.com.au, ‘Indians are expert in tricking you into meaningless things and try to divert your attention from things that don’t really matter and on some occasions in that series, we will be Stuck in the trap.

Tim Paine gives the example of the Gaba test

Tim Paine said, ‘The best example of this is when he said that he was not going to Gaba Brisbane and then we didn’t really know where we were going to play. They are adept at creating such situations and we diverted our attention from the matches.

There was a ruckus about the strict rule of quarantine

Tim Paine said, “He was raising the issue that claimed that the Indian team would not play in Brisbane if the Quarantine had strict rules.” However, the last Test match was played in Gaba and India achieved the series by achieving a record target of 328 runs.


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