Team of players of Team India made free food; BCCI ordered inquiry


Melbourne: Some players of Team India are enjoying walking in Melbourne. India’s five cricketers- Rohit Sharma, Rishabh Pant, Shubman Gill, Navdeep Saini and Prithvi Shaw were seen in a restaurant. The Sydney Morning Herald and restaurant staff from The Age have confirmed that the players visited the restaurant and sat inside.

Fan gave bill of Indian players

When Team India players were in a restaurant in Melbourne, they were recognized by an Indian fan and gave their table bill themselves without telling them. After this, Rishabh Pant also thanked that fan.

An Indian fan named Navdeep Singh has posted a video on social media in which he paid bill of $ 118.69 for Indian players. He has also posted pictures of players’ shopping.

Navdeep posted, ‘He did not know who gave his bill .. I can only do so much for my superstars’.

Navdeep wrote, ‘When he came to know that I had given the bill, Rohit said that brother, take the money, friend does not like it. I said no sir, I will Pant hugged me and said that the photo will be done only when the money is taken back. I said no brother. Finally everyone took a photo. Enjoyed, man.

Players of Team India trapped in trouble

The BCCI will examine the video in which five Indian cricketers – Rohit Sharma, Rishabh Pant, Shubman Gill, Navdeep Saini and Prithvi Shaw – are roaming outside. In fact, they have violated Cricket Australia’s bio-security protocol.

The five cricketers are seen in the secret kitchen of a BBQ restaurant in Melbourne, while the permission is only to sit outside and eat. Players are allowed to go out, but they can stay outside the restaurant.

This violation in the restaurant is being considered very serious because recently in Victoria, Sydney where the test match is to be played from January 7, the cases of Kovid-19 are increasing.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald report, ‘BCCI is investigating this video. A BCCI spokesperson declined to comment on this. Cricket Australia had asked for an answer to this, but there is no response yet.


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