Tennis star Sania Mirza opened her 13-year-old secret, because of this, she cried a lot


New Delhi: India’s tennis star Sania Mirza has waved the Indian flag around the world. Sania has won every major title for the country in tennis. But there was a time in Sania’s life when she was very upset. Sania has recently made a big disclosure about her life.

Big reveal of sania

Sania Mirza recently said in an interview that she was struggling with depression when she was eliminated from the 2008 Beijing Olympics due to a wrist injury. She was away from the game for a year. Sania said on a YouTube channel, ‘I had been in depression for about 3-4 months after being eliminated from the Beijing Olympics due to a wrist injury. I was fine but then I used to have tears in my eyes.

Did not even believe to play Dobora

Sania Mirza further said, ‘I was not sure that I would be able to play tennis again. I lost my temper. So it was very difficult for me to do nothing on my own terms. Sania further said that she did not even come out of her room to eat for a whole month. He further said that it was a big shock for a 20-year-old player. Sania said, ‘I felt that I had lost the value of my country because I was out of the Olympics.’

Sania has won many titles

Please tell that Sania Mirza is one of the most successful tennis players in the country. Sania returned from the 2008 Olympics to win two medals at the Commonwealth Games. Sania has won a total of 14 medals, including the Asian Games, Commonwealth Games and the remaining games. Not only this, he has also won 6 Grand Slam titles.


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