The BCC has shown the bamboo bat, saying – ‘against cricket rules’


New Delhi: A few days ago, it was suggested that bamboo bats should be used in the game of cricket as it may lead to better results, but Merrillbone Cricket Club (MCC), the organization that oversees the rules of international cricket, likes this advice. Did not come

Who gave the idea of ​​bamboo bat?

Darshil Shah and Ben Tinkler Davis have done research on bamboo bats. Shah told The Times, “It is easy to hit a yorker ball with a bamboo bat because it has a big sweet spot.” It is better for every type of shot, not just on the yorker.

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‘Bamboo bat will be less expensive’

Cricket uses bats of Kashmir or English willow (a particular kind of tree wood), but a research at University of Cambridge, England has shown that bamboo balls are less expensive to use. And his ‘sweet spot’ will also be bigger. The sweet spot in the bat is slightly below the middle part but above the lowest part and the shot from here is strong.

‘Bamboo is more available’

According to the Guardian Newspaper, there is a problem with the supply of English willow. This tree takes about 15 years to be prepared and 15 to 30 percent of the wood gets wasted while making the bat. Shah believes that bamboo is cheap and available in large quantities. It grows fast and is also durable. Bamboo can be grown from its twigs and it takes 7 years to be fully prepared.

MCC shows research

The Merrillbone Cricket Club (MCC) defied the idea of ​​a bamboo bat, saying that it was ‘against the current rules’. Under Rule 5.3.2, ‘bat blade should be only of wood’. The rules have to be changed before using bamboo bat, because bamboo is kept in the category of ‘grass’.

‘Caution required in changing rules’

Regarding the change of rules, the MCC said in its statement, ‘Any possible amendment to the rules needs to be carefully looked into, especially in the concept of BAT which produces great power. The club is working on the issue that the bat should not be excessively strong. In 2008 and 2017, bat size and material were limited.

‘Discussion will be held in the next meeting’

The Merrillbone Cricket Club (MCC) has also said in its statement that the issue should be discussed in the next law sub-committee meeting, according to the statement, ‘How long will the bat last will be an appropriate issue for the MCC. Researchers have been saying that sustainable bamboo grows in China in large quantities and it will cost less to produce it. Because of this, bamboo bat can be an alternative to willow.


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