The Hundred: 2 runs will be available on no ball, instead of 6, the bowler will bowl 10 balls, know the new rules of this tournament


New Delhi: The Hundred tournament is going to start in England soon. Many big players of the world are going to play in this tournament. This tournament is going to be completely different from the rest of the tournament in the world. You will be surprised to know about the strange rules that have been included in this tournament. In this report, we are going to tell you about the same rules.

new rules included

The Hundred tournament will have an innings of 100 balls each. Whereas after every one over of this tournament, the umpire will say ‘five’ instead of the over. Apart from this, DRS will be used in this tournament. This will be the first time that DRS is going to be used in a domestic tournament. Overs will not be specified in this tournament and the ball bowled and the remaining ball will be shown on the scorecard. A bowler can bowl five or ten balls in a row. Each bowler will bowl a maximum of 20 balls per game.

Two runs on a no ball

Another very special rule has been added to this tournament. In this tournament, whenever a bowler bowls a no ball, 2 runs will be given to the other team. Apart from this, instead of being on the toss pitch, it will be on a stage, which will be kept for DJ playing and entertainment later. Whereas keeping in mind the gender difference, the batsman will not be called a batsman but a batter.

25 ball powerplay

In this tournament, the first 25 balls of the innings will be included in the powerplay, with only two fielders allowed to stand outside the 30-yard circle. Apart from this, the team will be able to take a time out of only 2 minutes. Apart from this, a bowler will be able to bowl five or ten balls in a row. This thing will have to be decided by the captain from which end he wants to bowl his bowler.


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