The journey of Lucknow and Ahmedabad will not be easy in IPL, will have to face the problem


New DelhiIn IPL 2022 people will see 10 teams playing. This time two new teams Lucknow and Ahmedabad have been added in IPL. Due to which the thrill of this league will be at its peak. The spectators will get to see more matches. Retention policy for IPL 2022 has been announced. Former cricketer Aakash Chopra has described the retention policy as a big problem for the two new teams.

How will teams retain players?

The retention policy for IPL 2022 (IPL) has been announced. Under this, all the old teams can retain four-four players included in their team. At the same time, the new teams that have come can get 3 players through the draft. Former cricketer Aakash Chopra said, ‘The new teams will not have a chance to get three Indian players through draft. He said that if all the eight teams retain 3-3 Indian players, then 24 players will go the same way. After this, where will the best Indian players be left for both the new teams.

Mega auction will happen next year

Lucknow and Ahmedabad will play two new teams from the 2022 season of IPL. Due to which the number of teams has increased to 10 and now a total of 74 matches will be played. Due to the arrival of new teams, there is to be a mega auction and for this reason all the teams have been given the option of retaining and releasing. The old 8 teams can retain four players. If they want, they can retain three Indian and one foreign or two Indian and two foreign players. Apart from this, the two new teams can choose three players through draft before the auction.

Indian players will get more chances

With the increase of 2 teams in IPL, Indian players will get more opportunities. Because a team should have 7 Indian and 4 foreign players. Youth can also make a place in the national team by showing their talent and performing well.


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