The Kangaroo team is much weaker than the old Australian team, Sachin Tendulkar gave the reason


new Delhi: India’s legendary player Sachin Tendulkar has played against some of Australia’s best teams of his time, but when he looks at the current batting order, he finds it ‘less stable’, in which some players are in the team. Playing to make.

Tendulkar spoke about Australia’s batting, Ajinkya Rahane’s captaincy and Melbourne debutant Mohammed Siraj and Shubman Gill after India’s emphatic win in the second Test in Melbourne after a humiliating defeat in Adelaide.

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Tendulkar (Sachin Tendulkar) said, ‘When I look at the current batting order of Australia and some batting order of the past, I think there was stability in the batting order of the past. Those players used to bat with a different spirit, but there is not much stability in this team.

Tendulkar said, ‘There are players in this current Australian team who are not in good form and are not sure about their place in the team. In the earlier teams, those batsmen used to play at their places because there was a lot of stability about the batting order.

The highlight of the series has also been the battle between Ravichandran Ashwin and Steve Smith and Tendulkar explained why the senior off-spinner succeeded in dominating the batsman.

He said, ‘Smith got out on the arm ball in the first test or you can call it a straight ball, which Ashwin throws differently. The off-spinner’s straight ball moves fast on the surface.

Tendulkar (Sachin Tendulkar) told how Ashwin got the turn and the bounce. He said, ‘In the second Test, the ball did not come out fast but fingers were above the ball, due to which the bounce and turn were found’.

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Tendulkar (Sachin Tendulkar) said, ‘Smith played the normal flick as a regular off break. Whoever did the batsman and the fielder was there for it.

The veteran batsman said, ‘Ashwin had made very good plans for this ball and wicket. Both are world class players, so someone’s day will be better and so far Ashwin has been the winner in the first two Tests’.


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