The love story of Nicholas Pooran and Alyssa Miguel is no less than a film, did not leave even after breaking her leg


New Delhi: Punjab Kings’ explosive Caribbean batsman Nicholas Pooran has married his long time girlfriend Alyssa Miguel. Nicholas’ love story is no less than a film story and it would not be wrong to say that the love story of this couple is an example for many people.

Filmi Hai Nicholas Pooran’s Love Story

This Caribbean batsman has no shortage of money today but there was a time when this Nicholas Pooran was nothing. Even then, Alyssa Miguel stood like a wall with him and played along. There was a time in Nicholas’ life when his leg was broken and questions were raised about his return to cricket.

Actually, the knee of the left leg of Pooran (Nicholas Pooran) was broken and the right ankle was fractured. The first question that Puran asked the doctor at that time was whether I would be able to play cricket again. Even at that time, Alyssa stood firmly with him. After this accident, it took 18 months for Puran to make a comeback.

both got married

Sharing many pictures of his wedding on his social media account, Nicholas Pooran wrote, ‘Jesus has given me a lot in this life, but nothing can be bigger than your coming. Welcome Mr and Mrs Puran. On this occasion, cricketers from all over the world have congratulated Pooran.

got engaged last year

Significantly, Nicolas Pooran got engaged with Alyssa Miguel on 17 November 2020. While writing a lovely message, Pooran had said, ‘Rab has bestowed upon us many blessings. I am very pleased to announce that Alyssa Miguel and I are engaged. Love you midge.’



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