The salary of these two players of England is more than Virat Kohli, knowing the amount will fly away


New Delhi: There is no doubt that Virat Kohli is one of the highest earning players in the world. According to Forbes, Virat’s name comes among the 100 highest-earning players in the world. But in case of getting salary from cricket, some other players come above Virat.

Route salary more than Virat

The BCCI recently released its annual contract list. In which Captain Kohli’s name was in grade-A +. Accordingly, Virat will get 7 crore rupees annually. Kohli is the highest-grossing player, but among the highest-paid players in cricket, Virat is the captain of England, who is behind Root.

England players get more money

Virat is behind England’s Test captains Joe Root and Joffra Archer among those who got salary in international cricket. According to the ECB’s 2020/21 Test Contract, Root and Archer get more salary than Virat. According to cricketer, under the ECB Test contract, salary of about Rs 7.22 crore is given to the players with Grade-A. England’s Joffra Archer and Captain Root fall into the Grade-A contract of the Test.

Rohit and Bumrah also get 7 crores

Apart from Virat, Rohit Sharma and Jaspreet Bumrah also come in BCCI’s A + grade contract and they also get Rs 7 crore annually. Apart from this, BCCI gives Rs 5 crore annually to the players coming in Grade-A, while in Grade-B, they get 3 crore salary.



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