The tissue paper that Lionel Messi wiped with tears will now be auctioned, the senses will fly away after hearing the price


New Delhi: Auctioning of things of famous players is not a new thing, but can a player’s tears be so important that it can be valued in crores. Actually these are the ‘parting tears’ of Argentine football star Lionel Messi, perhaps that is why they are so precious.

Messi leaves Barcelona

Lionel Messi recently bid farewell to Spain’s famous football club Barcelona (FC Barcelona). He was associated with this Barcelona since childhood, but after the financial troubles of the club, he had to say goodbye to his old team and he again joined the Paris Saint Germain (PSG) team.

Messi cried at the time of farewell

Lionel Messi joined Barcelona at the age of 13. This club has played a very important role in taking his career to the heights, so when he bid farewell to Barcelona after a long journey of 2 decades, he became emotional and cried on stage. Then his wife Antonella Messi, sitting in front, took out a tissue paper so that Messi could wipe his tears.

Messi tissue paper will be auctioned

A passionate football fan got the tissue paper from which Lionel Messi wiped his tears. Fan has made that paper napkin available for auction, whose price has been kept at 1 million US dollars i.e. about 7 and a half crores. Now it has to be seen who will buy it at such a high price.

Wanted to leave the club in 2020 itself

Last year Lionel Messi announced to leave Barcelona. After this his club started talks with him to stop him. But this year when Messi agreed to stay at the club with a 50 per cent cut in his fees, the debt-ridden Barcelona pulled their hands out and said they were not in a position to pay Messi 50 per cent less. Is.

Said goodbye to the club crying

After this Lionel Messi announced in a press conference that he was leaving Barcelona. But this decision was not easy for Messi. When he announced this, his throat was filled with tears and he said final goodbye to that club. For which he was playing since the age of 13.

Messi had to leave Barcelona because of this

Messi repeatedly said in this press conference that he did not want to leave Barcelona and was ready to halve his fee for this. But due to the corona virus, the financial condition of most football clubs in the world is bad and due to the new rules of fair play, teams can no longer spend more than a limit on players.


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