These cricketers became rich by breaking the wall of poverty, today they are the favorite of crores of fans


New Delhi: Players who play cricket often have crores of rupees. These people earn huge amount every day. But you will be surprised to know that these same players used to belong to a very ordinary or poor family at some point of time. In this report, we are going to tell you about some such players who were very poor earlier, but now they have become big stars and are also the owners of crores.

T Natarajan

The whole world knows about Team India’s star fast bowler T Natarajan. The family of this player used to be very poor earlier. Let us tell that there were a total of 5 children in Natarajan’s family, who did not even have money to raise them properly. But ever since Natarajan made his debut in the IPL, his fortunes have changed.

Ravindra Jadeja

The world’s best all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja lives a very royal life. He has a bungalow worth crores and his hobbies are also very big. But very few people know that Jadeja’s father used to work as a guard and his mother was a nurse. But now this player has completely colored his life in the color of his success.

Mohammad Siraj

The story of Team India’s star fast bowler Mohammad Siraj has also been very famous. His father used to drive a rickshaw and he had put everything at stake to make his son a cricketer. In the end, his luck also paid off and he is now an important part of Team India’s Test team.

Hardik and Krunal Pandya

Hardik and Krunal Pandya are very big names in cricket at present. These two brothers are counted among the best all-rounders in the world. But the family of these two players, who earned crores of rupees, used to be very poor at one time.

Jasprit Bumrah

Team India’s star fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah’s name is very big in the cricket world today. But very few people know that there was a time when they did not even have money to buy their own shoes and T-shirts. Although today his name is very big and his earning is also enough.


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