These players have done tweets in support of Palestine till now, later trolls with people


New Delhi: At the moment, there is a war between Israel and Palestine. In support of these two countries, people are divided into different groups on social media. Meanwhile, many cricket players are also giving their opinion on these two countries. Most of the players have landed in support of Palestine, after which they were trolled fiercely.

These players including Pathan supported

In support of Palestine, many players of the world, including former Indian all-rounder Irfan Pathan, tweeted. There are many players in this list like Hassim Amla, Kagiso Rabada, Moin Ali, Babar Azam and Rashid Khan.

Then people fiercely trolled

As soon as these players made various tweets for Palestine, then on social media people started lashing out all these players fiercely. People started saying that these players are only seeing the condition of Palestine and did not talk about Israel at all. So at the same time some said that your job is only to play cricket, pay attention to that.

What is the whole controversy?

Let us know that there is a situation like war between Israel and Palestine at this time. There has been a great war between Jews and Palestinians over religion. This case became more serious when Hamas fired more than 100 rockets on several Israeli cities simultaneously. It also caused a lot of havoc in Israeli cities, but Israel destroyed most of the rockets in the air. Israel retaliated in this attack and carried out airstrikes in the Gaza Strip.


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