These players of Team India used to be friends like brothers, now they do not like to talk among themselves


New Delhi: Cricket players often become good friends on the field as well. Playing together, traveling and sharing the same dressing room with him increases a lot of love between these players. But many times these players become enemies even after being very close to each other. In this report, we are going to tell you about some such players of Team India, who were very close friends of each other earlier, but later this friendship ended and they became like enemies of each other.

Vinod Kambli and Sachin Tendulkar

There was a lot of discussion about the friendship of Team India’s legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli. These two players had shared a record 664 runs in the school level one tournament. But after that suddenly their relationship started souring and both the players did not talk to each other for years. Once Kambli had even said that once he needed help, but Sachin did not help him in his life.

Dinesh Karthik and Murali Vijay

Murali Vijay and Dinesh Karthik, who once played together for Team India, used to be good friends of each other. But later Karthik’s first wife divorced him and married Murali Vijay. It was also reported that Karthik’s wife had an affair with Vijay even before the divorce.

Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir

Everyone is aware of the famous battle of Team India’s current captain Virat Kohli and legendary batsman Gautam Gambhir. But let us tell you that in the early days of his career, Virat had a good friendship with Gambhir and once Gambhir even gave his Player of the Match title to Kohli. But during the IPL, these players clashed with each other, after which their relationship got spoiled.

Virender Sehwag and Mahendra Singh Dhoni

While the relationship of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who was the successful captain of Team India, was very good with many players, he also had hostility with many players. Virender Sehwag is also one of them. There were always allegations against Dhoni that Dhoni drops Sehwag from the team. In Australia too, Dhoni dropped Sehwag on the pretext of poor fielding.

Yuvraj Singh and Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Dhoni and Yuvraj, who were considered the most important pair in Team India’s two World Cup victories, used to have a relationship like two brothers on the field and off the field. In fact, when Yuvraj came after winning from cancer, he was constantly thrown out of the team and Dhoni was the captain of the team. Yuvraj’s father Yograj often keeps accusing Dhoni that Dhoni has a hand in ending his son’s career.


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