This cricketer had to get married by playing matches in a single day, then made this great plan


New Delhi: Today (15 July) is the 44th birthday of former South African fast bowler Andre Nel. Andre Nel married his girlfriend Dene Witz in the year 2004. During that time the South African team was playing a four-Test home series against the West Indies.

no leave for marriage

Let us tell you that Andre Nel did not take leave from the South African board for his marriage. Andre Nel was running in excellent form then and the South African team wanted to feed Andre Nel in this important series against the West Indies.

Match and marriage in same day

On 16 January 2004, there was a Test match between South Africa and West Indies at Centurion. While the marriage of Andre Nel was fixed on 17 January. In such a situation, a very strange situation had arisen in front of him. Andre Nel could neither leave the marriage nor could he leave the match. Andre Nel had to play the first match as well, after that he had to get married too.

Then made this great plan

After this Andre Nel decided that he would also get married and play cricket. Understanding this problem of Andre Nel, the South African board arranged to send him directly from the ground to the wedding venue by helicopter.

marriage like this

A helicopter was arranged for Andre Nel to be taken directly from the ground to Benoni’s church, where he was to be married, at the end of the first day of the Test match. The South African team decided that the play of the second day of the Test match would be ended a little early. This happened and Nell reached Benoni from Centurion ahead of time and they got married.

blast on the ground

The next day after the wedding, when Andre Nel came on the field against the West Indies, he exploded. Andre Nel, who came on the field after marriage on January 18, dismissed West Indies captain Brian Lara twice in a single day. West Indies’ first innings was reduced to 301 runs. Nel took 3 wickets including the wicket of Lara (34 runs).

Brian Lara’s wicket

After this, Nell once again managed to take Lara’s wicket on the same day. Lara (6 runs) fell victim to this nail in the innings of the Indies to play the follow-on innings. Africa won that Test match by 10 wickets and took the series 3-0.

suicide attempt

Andre Nel remained in the discussion about many affairs even after marriage. This cricketer was related to Jelena Kultiasova, whom he met for the first time in London. Then he told Jelena that he was not married. Apart from this, Nell had two more affairs. When his wife left home, she was pregnant. In October 2010, Nell also attempted suicide, but was saved. Andre Nel played 36 Tests and 79 ODIs and 2 T20 matches for South Africa. Andrey Nell has taken 123 wickets in Tests, 106 wickets in ODIs and 2 wickets in T20 International cricket.


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