This cricketer took part in the Hindu function, forced to apologize


Dhaka: Bangladesh all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan has received threats to kill him on social media. Shakib has been threatened by a person because of his involvement in Kali Puja in Kolkata. After this, the legendary all-rounder has also apologized for this.

Shakib apologized and said, ‘Then, maybe I should not have gone to that place. And if so, you are against me and I am very sorry for this. I will try to ensure that this never happens again ‘.

Actually, Shakib reached Kolkata for the inauguration of Kali Puja. He was seen worshiping in front of the idol. He later returned to Bangladesh.

Shakib Al Hasan has spoken on two controversies related to him on his YouTube channel and has also apologized for his criticisms on social media.

He said, ‘There are reports on social media that I went to inaugurate the function there. But I did not go there to do this nor did I do anything like that there. You can easily check this. Being a conscious Muslim, I will never do this.

The all-rounder said, ‘Clearly the matter is very sensitive. I want to say that I consider myself as a ‘proud Muslim’ and which I follow. Mistakes can happen. If I have made a mistake, I apologize to you the most for this.

The 33-year-old cricketer further said that when he arrived there, the ceremony had already started and he had only spent time there.

Significantly, a person had threatened to kill Shakib Al Hasan on Facebook Live. Mohsin Talukdar, who lives in Shahpur Talukdar of Sylhet, said on Facebook Live that the behavior of Shakib Al Hasan is disturbing Muslims.

This man threatened to cut Shakib. This young man also said that he would be covered by Sylhet, if it was needed to kill Shakib.

However later that person came to Facebook live again and they also apologized for it. But now both videos have been removed from Facebook.

Apart from this, Shakib Al Hasan is accused of breaking the mobile phone of a fan at the Benapole International Check Point while going to India. However, Shakib has now given clarification on this himself.

Mohammad Sector, a resident of Benapole, claimed, ‘I am a fan of Shakib Al Hasan and I had never seen him from the front. But when I saw him at the Benapole check point that day, I could not control myself.

Mohammed said, ‘Is it a crime to take a selfie with him? They confiscated my phone and made a fierce commotion. As a result, my phone is now broken and it is not working either.

However, Shakib says that this incident happened inadvertently.

The Bangladeshi cricketer said, ‘The purpose of this video is to clarify two matters before you. The first phone is about breaking. I also did not try to break the phone. I was only trying to keep myself (from others) away and at a safe distance, following the health guidelines.

Shakib said, ‘A person wanted to come to me and take a selfie. When I tried to push him away, my hand hit his phone and the phone fell down. It may have been broken and if it is so, I sincerely apologize. I think they should have been cautious too.


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