This cricketer wanted to kill Virat Kohli, told why this big controversy happened


New Delhi: Team India’s captain Virat Kohli has been in many controversies apart from cricket inside and outside the field. Due to the aggressive behavior of Virat Kohli, once an Australian cricketer wanted to kill Virat Kohli by stomping on him.

This cricketer wanted to kill Kohli by stomping on him

Former Australia opener Ed Cowan had told this in an interview given to Fox Sports. There was a confrontation between Ed Cowan and Virat Kohli during the Australian team’s tour of India in 2013. According to Ed Cowan, Kohli had said some very inappropriate words to him, for which he wanted to hit the current captain of India by stumping.

Kohli’s behavior was very inappropriate

Ed Cowan said, ‘During that series my mother was very ill and Kohli said something which was very inappropriate. A private matter which was very sensitive. Very unfair, but Kohli didn’t realize he had crossed the limit till then. Until the umpire came and said that Virat you have crossed the limit and after saying so, he backed down and apologized. Former Australia opener Ed Cowan said, ‘There was a moment when I wanted to uproot the stump and hit it. Cowan, however, said that he is a big fan of the Indian captain. I am a big fan of his cricket. Don’t get me wrong, he is a great cricketer.


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