This female wrestler refused to wear underwear in the ring, created a sensation on social media


New Delhi: Former WWE female wrestler Chelsea Green has made a shocking disclosure. Chelsea has told that she never wore underwear while entering the ring during the competition. These female players have been a part of WWE from 2018 to 2020.

‘Don’t like to wear underwear’

Chelsea Green, 30, stepped into Impact Wrestling in July 2021. She told the website ‘E Wrestling News’ that she never wore underwear throughout her career and even today she does the same in everyday life.

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‘Even if you file a case, I will not do it’

Chelsea Green said, ‘You should know one thing about me that I do not wear underwear. I do not care whether it is wrestling gear, workout gear, jeans or dress, I do not like underwear, even if you file a case against me.

‘News about this to the close ones’

Chelsea Green said, ‘I want to feel the wind, I’ve always been like this, my friends know this, my family knows this, fiancé Matthew Cardona knows and the locker The room knows this too.

When Chelsea broke her wrist

Chelsea Green signed a 3-year contract with WWE in November 2020, but everything didn’t go as planned. Chelsea broke her wrist during a match. After that they were sidelined. In April 2020, WWE confirmed that Chelsea had been released from contract.


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