This Pakistani cricketer spewed poison about Hardik Pandya! Comment on physical condition too


New Delhi: Team India’s star all-rounder Hardik Pandya’s name is very big in the world of cricket at this time. Pandya is very famous everywhere for his fast batting and fast bowling. But for some time, Hardik’s fitness has remained a big concern for his career. Hardik has been getting injured continuously for a few years and he keeps coming and going in the national team.

This Pakistani cricketer gave a big statement

The BCCI will organize the ICC T20 World Cup 2021 in October this year. But to play in this tournament, Hardik Pandya will have to regain his fitness once again. Meanwhile, former Pakistan batsman Salman Butt has given a big statement about Hardik Pandya. Butt said that Hardik’s slender physique bothers him.

Comment on Hardik’s body

Talking on his YouTube channel, Butt said that if there is extra weight on his body, then he will continue to be unfit. He said, ‘The Indian team has high hopes from Hardik Pandya for the World Cup, but he is not going through a good form for a long time. When he used to bat before the injury, he looked very good and he also had good pace in his bowling. But Hardik’s problem is that he is so thin that if there is extra weight on his body, he will continue to be unfit. Apart from this, Butt said that Pandya also needs some muscles in his body.

Hardik is the best all-rounder

Hardik Pandya is one of the best all-rounders of the present time. He is known to turn the match with both the ball and the bat. He has won big matches by taking India out of trouble many times. In the coming T20 World Cup too, the whole country will have a lot of expectations from Hardik Pandya.


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