This school teacher was celebrating India’s defeat, now will remember such punishment for life


New Delhi: Team India had to face defeat in a World Cup match for the first time against Pakistan. As soon as India got defeated in this match, there was a wave of happiness in Pakistan. But in India also there were some people who celebrated the victory of Pakistani. A teacher of Udaipur school did the same thing. But now this teacher is stuck in a big trouble.

Celebration of Pakistan’s victory

As soon as Team India had to face defeat against Pakistan, a teacher of Neerja Modi School in Udaipur shared a video of the opposing team on her WhatsApp status. Giving the caption below this video, this teacher wrote, ‘We have won, we have won.’ Then, while answering the status of this teacher, the father of a child said that were you supporting Pakistan? In response this teacher said yes. Just after this a big ruckus arose in two Udaipur cities.

The school gave this punishment

The school administration has given a big punishment to this teacher who supports Pakistan. Actually the school has fired this teacher. The school issued a letter in which it was clearly written that this lady teacher has been immediately dismissed from her job. Since then another video of this teacher is also becoming fiercely viral on social media. In this video, this teacher is seen apologizing and it is said that she did this jokingly. This teacher said, ‘I am Indian and I love India. I realized that this has gone wrong, so I even deleted the status.

Celebrations celebrated in India

Celebrating Pakistan’s victory in many areas of India like this female teacher. Especially in Kashmir and Seemapuri area of ​​Delhi. Former opening batsmen Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir also opposed this. Both these players tweeted and opposed such people who are supporting Pakistan even after living in India.


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