Tim Paine badly trapped by giving controversial statement on Indian team, now start cleaning


New Delhi: Team India defeated the Australian team for the second consecutive series at their home earlier this year. India had named this series 2-1. After losing the series to India, Australia captain Tim Paine made a controversial statement. After which they are being criticized all around.

Now Penn has clarified

Tim Paine said that he was firm on his statement that his team’s attention was diverted due to India’s ‘sideshow’ but made it clear that he was not making an excuse for the defeat at the hands of India in January. Let me tell you that Penn has been criticized for the ‘sideshow’ statement of the Indian team. He said this himself in a podcast with former Australia wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist.

He said in the ‘Gilli and Goes Podcast’ on Friday, ‘I was asked many things, including questions related to the challenge of playing against India. On that I said that the Indian team is adept at diverting attention. Penn said, ‘At that time there was constant talk that he would not play in Brisbane. He was changing the tales repeatedly and calling the physio. All I said was that the attention was diverted from him and many times the attention was diverted from the ball.

Trolls fiercely on social media

Penn (Tim Paine) said, ‘I also said that they proved themselves and they were entitled to victory but that thing was cut. Indian supporters are condemning me on social media. They say that I am making excuses but it is not so.

Australian captain keeps an eye on

He said, ‘Whenever an Australian captain speaks, everyone’s eyes are on him. No doubt. It was a long interview. I was not making any excuse. Penn said, ‘I like Indian fans. Criticism does not seem bad at times. When I left the catch, I was criticized in which there was no harm. I love their passion. He loves cricket very much.


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