Tim Seifert wept bitterly while sharing IPL’s Kovid Experience, Video Viral


New Delhi: IPL 2021 was intercepted due to the rising outbreak of the second wave of Corona Virus. In the bio-bubble of this big lagi, players and staff members were constantly getting infected with Corona, after which such a big decision was taken. One of the players who got infected in the IPL was KKR player Tim Seifert.

‘Bio-bubble was safe’

When New Zealand cricketer Tim Seifert was found positive for Kovid-19 during the IPL, he once felt like the world had stopped but the wicket-keeper batsman said that he never felt insecure inside the tournament’s bio bubble Not done.

Seifert said, ‘Before the IPL, I spoke to the England players who were present there and they said that everything is good. We only heard all the good things, including the preparations made for the tournament. It was a good environment for any player to go there and to be honest, the time I stayed there (in India), I felt good in the bio bubble. I was feeling safe there.

Please tell that Tim Seifert was part of the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) team. He is on a 14-day quarantine here on his return to New Zealand after recovering from illness. He had to stay in India despite being postponed to the league for 24 hours before returning home due to being infected with the virus. His statement is contrary to the statements of some players of other teams of IPL. These include Adam Jampa of Australia who said that he was feeling insecure inside the IPL bio bubble in India.


Started crying

Tim Seifert said, ‘I was isolated and told that my test has come positive. My heart broke after everyone returned. Out of the entire tournament, I was the only foreign player who was in India. Then things had become a bit stagnant. It felt as if the world had stopped. I really couldn’t think what would happen next and that was the scary side of it. ‘

He further said, ‘You hear about many things and I felt that this is going to happen to me too. Telling his words, Seifert had tears in his eyes and he started crying bitterly. A video of him crying is becoming fiercely viral on social media.


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