Today’s MS Dhoni met Mahi in 2005, these secrets of both lives opened in conversation


new Delhi: Former captain of the Indian team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni), is preparing for his preparations in Chennai before the start of IPL 2021. Dhoni will also captain Chennai Super Kings (CSK) this year. But before that, a video of Dhoni is going viral. In this video, Dhoni is seen interacting with his old avatar.

Curry talk with 2005 Dhoni

Actually, in an advertisement video, today’s Dhoni (MS Dhoni) spoke a lot to 16-year-old Dhoni. In this video, Dhoni of the present is sitting on one side, on the other side Dhoni with long hair of 2005 is talking to him. At the same time, Dhoni of 2021 praised Dhoni of 2005. Dhoni made his debut for India in 2004. Dhoni (MS Dhoni) made a brilliant start to his career and collected all the news by hitting 148 runs against Pakistan. After this, an innings of 183 not out against Sri Lanka also came. In 2021 Dhoni praised the old Dhoni for this innings.

Most played innings in finals

The most special thing happened in the conversation between the two Dhoni (MS Dhoni) when young Dhoni asks the current Dhoni questions about his favorite innings. To this, Dhoni of 2021 answers that I like the innings of the final of the 2011 World Cup the most. The joy I got when I finished the match was different. Young Dhoni is surprised at this and asks that Sir World Cup Final? You mean that we won the World Cup? After this, Dhoni of 2021 says, Yes, 2011 Wankhede Stadium. It has been possible because of your hard work.

Advised to quit milk shake

Dhoni (MS Dhoni) of 2021 asked Dhoni of 2005 to give up many of his habits. The current Dhoni said that I request you to gradually give up your favorite dish butter chicken and milk shake. If you do this then you will get the benefit. In 2021, Dhoni talked to old Dhoni about biking. Dhoni of 2021 says that I will leave everything but will not give up biking. I have 80 bikes and I kept my first bike very well and still runs very fast today.

India won due to Dhoni’s feat

India had the distinction of becoming the world champion for the second time by defeating Sri Lanka by 6 wickets in the 2011 World Cup Final (2011 World Cup). In this match, Sri Lanka batting first gave India a target of 274 runs. Chasing this target, India was stuck in a difficult time. But Dhoni and Gautam Gambhir led India to victory in this match. Gambhir scored 97 runs. While Mahi scored an unbeaten 91 runs. Dhoni won this match by hitting a six.


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