Tokyo Olympics: After losing his father, he used to practice with a broken hand, now India will get medal


New Delhi: India’s shot put player Tejinder Pal Singh Toor secured a ticket for Tokyo Olympics with a national record in the Indian Grand Prix Four on 21 June. It would not be wrong to say that the players get the result of years of hard work and struggle in the form of these medals and Toor is now dreaming of this medal.

Getting a ticket to the Olympics is a big achievement and the whole nation salutes Tejinder Pal Singh Toor who has come out of the difficult times to achieve this position.

left father’s side

Tejinder Pal Singh Toor won the gold medal in the Asian Games 2018. On his way home from the airport, Toor came to know that his father was no more. Actually his father had died due to cancer. This shock was no less than a setback for Toor, but the spirit of this player did not diminish and Toor made the game his life. After losing his father, his mother is his biggest support in Toor’s life.

Used to do gym even with a broken hand

Tejinder Pal Singh Toor continued his practice, but due to Corona, there was a lockdown and Toor was unable to practice. When things began to improve, his hand was fractured in October. Let us tell you that during training, he slipped and fractured the left side of the palm, after which it seemed that he would not even be able to qualify for the Olympics.

But this player did not lose courage and continued his training. Despite being a fracture, Toor used to sweat every day. His coach constantly kept his spirits up and he made a comeback in the Federation Cup held in February this year and already threw a throw of 19.49 meters in the tournament. Gradually the game kept improving and he qualified for Tokyo.

Toor ka kamal

Toor achieved Olympic qualification with a distance of 21.49 meters and improved his national record. For Olympic qualification in shot put, 21.10 meters has been kept as the standard. The previous Indian record of this game was also in the name of Toor, who covered a distance of 20.92 meters in 2019.


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