Tokyo Olympics: Indian Women’s Hockey Team wins breath-taking match, medal hopes remain intact


Tokyo: The Indian women’s hockey team got a big success, with the help of Navneet Kaur’s goal in the last minute, India defeated Ireland 1-0 in the match of ‘Do or Die’ for the Tokyo Olympics. Keeping the hopes of entry into the quarter finals alive.

Navneet Kaur saved

After the first three quarters were goalless, Navneet Kaur scored the only goal of the match in the 57th minute. Earlier, India got 14 penalty corners went in vain. After a crushing defeat in 3 matches, India had to win this match at any cost, but the team had to wait for 57 minutes for the winning goal. The Indian players created many chances to score but could not take it till the finishing.

India’s loss in last 3 matches

Earlier, India was defeated by world number one Netherlands 5-1, Germany 2-0 and defending champion Britain 4-1. With India winning the match against South Africa on Saturday, the goal average will also have to be better. Along with this, he will have to pray that the UK team beat Ireland on Saturday. The top four teams from both the pools will play in the quarter finals.

What did the Indian coach say

The head coach of the Indian team, Shored Marin, said that the fighting spirit of the players came in handy. He said, ‘Our only mistake is that we could not score more goals. Scoring a penalty corner against Ireland is not easy. We did not perform well on some occasions but we did not give up.

India get 15 penalty corners

Shored Marin said, ‘Getting 15 penalty corners in a match says everything. We beat a team like Ireland and that can’t be seen in the statistics. Now we have to prepare for the next match after recovery. Three minutes before the hooter, skipper Rani Rampal created an opportunity for Navneet, who saved the team’s Olympic campaign from an early end by prompting the ball inside the goal.

Ireland goalkeeper

India started off aggressively and made several attacks on Ireland’s goal. Like in the last 3 matches, the forward line was struggling to find the rhythm. India dominated the first half and scored ten penalty corners but Ireland’s goalkeeper Ayesha Maffarren saved it with impunity.

Ireland also attacked

India got two penalty corners in the first quarter with a minute but the result remained the same. In the second quarter, Ireland played an aggressive game and scored a penalty corner in the 18th minute which was saved by Indian goalkeeper Savita.

Many penalty corners wereted

India conceded five penalty corners just before halftime. The 3 penalty corners found at the beginning of the second half also went in vain. The Indians did not give up and in the 39th minute Sharmila Devi entered the circle with the ball alone from the midfield but her reverse flick hit was stopped by McFerran.


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