Tokyo Olympics: Organizers in tension over Coronavirus, are accumulating a lot of spit everyday


Tokyo: One milliliter of spit in a vial, 30,000 vials daily and by the end of the Olympics, more than five lakh milliliters of spit. These are some figures of daily tests to control the cases of Coronavirus between the Tokyo Olympics.

Test of 30 thousand people daily

During the Tokyo Olympics, about 30,000 people are giving sputum samples daily in small plastic vials that are about one milliliter. These include people coming from all over the world to participate in sports. By the end of the Olympics on August 8, 5 lakh milliliters of sputum will be stored in about 5 lakh vials.

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different method of corona test

This spit is being deposited in tubes and kept with barcodes. Those whose results are in doubt, they are re-examined. This investigation is being done at a center called ‘Fever Clinic’ which also takes care of the people living in Quarantine. Here the test is not being done by putting a stick in the nose which is another popular method of corona test.

how much does a test cost

In the Tokyo Olympics, players, team officials, media and people associated with sports are being screened free of charge, while its cost is about 10,000 yen or a hundred dollars. So far 220 people associated with sports have been found positive, of which 23 are players.


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