Tokyo Olympics: Players got angry after seeing the bed? Where will you spend your ‘private’ moment?


New Delhi: The Tokyo Olympic Games are going to start after a few days from now. Before the start of these games, the organizers had decided that it was decided to distribute 1 lakh 60 thousand condoms to the players. On which there was a lot of ruckus, but now another new thing has created controversy.

Tokyo will have anti-sex beds

Now before the start of the Maha Kumbh of the Games, now its organizers have taken another big decision. Now players’ rooms in Tokyo will have anti-sex beds. Players will not be able to have sex even if they want to on the anti sex bed. We are going to tell you what happens in this bed that players cannot romance of their own free will.

What is this anti-sex bed?

Let us tell you that this time the organizers are trying to prevent the entry of Corona Virus in the Tokyo Olympic Village. That is why it has been decided that anti-sex beds should be installed in the Olympic Village. These beds are made from cardboard and are designed in such a way that only one person can sleep on it at a time. If more than one or two people try to climb it, it will break. Or even if more force is applied to this bed, it can break. In such a situation, sex is not possible on this bed.

players did not like

As soon as the news came to the players that they would have to sleep on the anti-sex bed, they got very disappointed. Players started tweeting in different ways. Players say that these beds will not be able to bear their own weight. Many players are saying that when you have to sleep on such a bed, then why distribute condoms only?


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