Tokyo Olympics: Players of this country will not be able to wave their national flag, the name of the country will not be on the jersey


Tokyo: After the longest doping controversy in the Games, Russia will compete with another new name at the Tokyo Olympics. The flag of Russia will not be visible on any podium during the medal ceremony, but the national colors can be used on the players’ clothes.

Doping’s shadow on Russia

The old and new doping cases still haunt the Russian team. For the past several years, two swimmers in the Tokyo Olympics team have been suspended and two rowing players were found to be Corona positive last month. This time the team will not enter the name of Russia and ‘Olympic Athlete of Russia’. This time the team will go under the name of Russia Olympic Committee (ROC).

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will use this name

Players will not officially represent their country but the ROC and Russia’s name, flag and national anthem will be banned. Critics, however, say that it will be very difficult to tell the difference when Russian teams come dressed in the national colors.

Russia’s flag will not be visible

Russian players will be wearing red, white and blue colors on their costumes, but the national flag and the name of Russia will not be written. Apart from this, there will be no other national emblem. The artistic swimming team said they were prevented from wearing a costume that had a bear picture on them.

Russia’s name is also not in the document

Official Olympic documents and TV graphics will also show the results of the Russian teams as ‘ROC’ but the full name of the Russian Olympic Committee will not be mentioned. Music by Russian composer Chekovsky will be played instead of the national anthem for the gold medal winners. .


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