Tokyo Olympics: PM Narendra Modi boosted the spirit of Indian Women’s Hockey Team, said- ‘The country is proud of you’


New Delhi: The Indian women’s hockey team lost its bronze medal match 4-3 against Great Britain in the Tokyo Olympics, but by reaching the semi-finals, these lionesses created history.

PM Modi encouraged

After losing the bronze medal in the Tokyo Olympics, the tears of Indian women hockey players are not stopping, but the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has encouraged them. The PM spoke to the players after the match and expressed pride in them. Let us know what happened between the PM and the players.

PM Modi: ‘Look, you have played very well, sweated so much for the last 5 years, leaving everything, you were engaged in sadhana, your sweat could not bring medals, but your sweat has become an inspiration for crores of daughters, I thank all the teammates and you Congratulations to the coach.

Captain Rani Rampal: ‘Thank you sir, thank you very much, you have encouraged us a lot.’

PM Modi: ‘Now don’t be disappointed, well I was seeing that Navneet’s eye was hurt?’

Captain Rani Rampal: ‘Yes he was hurt, he has got 4 stitches.’

PM Modi: ‘Hey father, I was looking at him enough… is he alright now? There is no problem in his eyes, is it? … and Vandana etc. you did very well … and Salima felt that you would have done amazing things.’

Captain Rani Rampal: ‘Thank you sir you supported a lot.’

PM Modi: You guys stop crying, my voice is coming, the country is proud of you, don’t be disappointed at all, and after so many decades, the identity of Hockey India, is being revived once again, because of your hard work. Look, son should not be so disappointed. The coach has done wonders.

Coach Shored Marin: ‘Thank you very much for your words sir, girls are very emotional at this time.’

PM Modi: ‘You have also tried your best, I could see that you were encouraging them. We are thankful to you, best of luck for the future.

Coach Shored Marin: ‘I have told the girls that they have become an inspiration for the country, this is very important to be happy.’


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