Tokyo Olympics: This player himself tested ‘Anti-Sex Bed’, know what was the result


New Delhi: There are only a few days left for the start of the Tokyo Olympic Games, but this Maha Kumbh of the Games is constantly under the shadow of controversies. Recently, there was news that 1 lakh 60 thousand condoms will be distributed to the players, but now the new issue has made headlines.

There will be anti-sex beds in the Olympics!

A few days ago there were reports that the organizers of the Tokyo Olympics will arrange anti-sex beds in the players’ rooms. Players will not be able to have sex even if they want to on the anti sex bed. After all, what happens in this bed that players cannot romance of their own free will.

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What is this anti-sex bed?

It was also said in the news that this time the organizers are trying to prevent the entry of corona virus in the Tokyo Olympic Village. That is why it has been decided that anti-sex beds should be installed in the Olympic Village. These beds are made from cardboard and are designed in such a way that only one person can sleep on it at a time.

Will the bed break?

It was also told in the reports that if more than one person tries to come on the anti-sex bed of the Tokyo Olympics village, it will break. Or even if more force is applied to this bed, it can break. In such a situation, sex is not possible on this bed.

This player tested the bed

Now Ireland’s gymnast Rhys McClenaghan has enjoyed the news. He shared a funny video, in which he is jumping with full force. According to him, the talk of anti-sex beds in Olympic Village is completely fake.

‘The news of anti sex bed is fake’

Rhys McClenaghan said in the video, the bed should be anti-sex, they are made of cardboard, yes, so they should break with immediate pressure, this is Fake News . The official Twitter account of the Olympics has thanked McClenaghan for breaking this myth.

What did the IOC say?

The International Olympic Committee has assured on Monday that the beds provided to the players in the Tokyo Olympic Village are made of durable cardboard.


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