Upon returning from the Tokyo Olympics, this player was brutally beaten, face with blood, stitches on the lips


New Delhi: Indian players, who participated in the Tokyo Olympics in the capital of Japan, were warmly welcomed upon their return to their homeland, but not every player’s luck is so good.

Expensive to return from Tokyo

Ireland’s famous Taekwondo player Jack Woolley never dreamed that returning from Tokyo could prove to be costly for him.

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badly beaten up

Irish player Jack Woolley was severely beaten up after his return from the Tokyo Olympics. Blood started coming out of his body, after which he had to be admitted to St. James Hospital.

Police looking for accused

In Ireland’s capital Dublin, on the night of August 14, Jack Woolley was attacked by an unknown person, the local police are searching for the accused.

Jack’s lip stitches

Many stitches have been done on the lips of Jack Woolley. He shared the blood-soaked picture on Instagram, but later he deleted it, by then the photo had gone viral.

want to get well soon jack

According to the news of The Sun, Jack said that I want to return with my best form. I want to go to normal life. I want to go back to training as soon as possible. I don’t want my life to stop because of an accident.

Jack could not win the medal

Jack Woolley could not win the Tokyo Olympics medal for his country Ireland. He was defeated by Lucas Guzman of Argentina in the ‘Round of 16’.


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