Usman Khawaja’s spilled pain, was not allowed to play cricket due to the color of the skin


New Delhi: Australian batsman Usman Khawaja has revealed that he had to face many challenges ranging from racism in the initial days after settling in Australia. Khwaja’s family had settled in Australia from Pakistan. Even before playing in the Australian team, Khawaja had to face many difficulties.

Khwaja was a victim of racism

Khawaja told Cricinfo, ‘When I was growing up in Australia, I was told many times that I would never be able to play for Australia. I was told that my skin color is not right. I was told that I was not fit to be selected in the team and they would not choose me. Such was the mentality of that time. However now this has started to change.

Khwaja came to Australia from Pakistan

34-year-old Khawaja has so far scored 2900 runs in 44 Test matches for Australia. When Khwaja was young, his family had settled in Australia from Pakistan at that time. Khawaja made his debut for Australia in the 2011 Ashes Test in Sydney. He said, ‘Now the situation has improved a lot. I am seeing a lot of such cricketers at the state level, especially from the sub-continental background, who are playing in Australia. It wasn’t really like that when I started playing. When I was playing domestic cricket and I was the only player from the subcontinent there. There are probably some other players with me at this point of time.

‘Learn from England’

The batsman, who has scored around 1500 runs in 40 ODIs for Australia, said that his team can learn from the England team in terms of diversity. Usman Khawaja said, ‘We still have a long way to go and I look at the England team, they have variety for a long time. They are countries older than us, but I can see the diversity and think maybe this is where Australia needs to reach.


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