Vamika seen in Nana’s lap, Anushka Sharma shared Unseen Photos on her father’s birthday


New Delhi: New Delhi: Anushka Sharma (Anushka Sharma), the wife of Indian team captain Virat Kohli (Virat Kohli), is today celebrating the 60th birthday of her father Ajay Kumar Sharma. In the meantime, Anushka has posted many unseen photos of her father on social media. In these photos, there is also a photo in which Virat and Anushka’s daughter Vamika is in the lap of their maternal grandfather. People are very fond of these photos of Anushka.

Anushka posted unseen photos

Anushka Sharma has shared some unseen pictures of her on her father’s birthday on social media. These photos are from the childhood of Anushka Sharma. Anushka also shared photos of her family including Virat Kohli. In these photos, Anushka is with her mother Ashima and brother Karnesh Sharma. Anushka has also shared pictures of her father’s Army days.

Vamika seen in Nana’s lap

Among the photos Anushka Sharma shared, there is a photo in which her daughter is in the lap of her maternal grandfather. This photo looks very beautiful. The sun is seen in the background of this photo and Anushka’s father holds Vamika in his arms.

Vamika was born in January

Captain Virat Kohli and actress Anushka Sharma married in December 2017. After this, the couple shared the news of Anushka’s pregnancy in August 2020 among the people. On 11 January 2021, Anushka gave birth to Vamika. Anushka and Virat shared the news of Vamika’s birth with people on social media.


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