Video: Cricket got second Dhoni, stumped batsman like lightning fast


London: Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni) had no answer in the matter of stumping the batsman at a lightning fast pace behind the wicket. If the biggest and most powerful batsmen came out of the crease even a little, then Dhoni did not take long to scatter the bails.

Cricket got second Dhoni

In England’s county cricket, a batsman came into the limelight when he stumped with the style of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Warwickshire wicketkeeper Michael Burgess reminded everyone of Dhoni with his stumping in the match against Nottinghamshire.

stumped as fast as lightning

Warwickshire wicketkeeper Michael Burgess stumped Nottinghamshire batsman Joe Clarke at lightning speed. The video of Michael Burgess stumping is becoming fiercely viral on social media. Fans are starting to compare him with Dhoni.

video going viral

In fact, Warwickshire bowler OJ Hannon Dalby threw the ball to Nottinghamshire batsman Joe Clarke towards the leg side, which the batsman missed, the ball went to wicketkeeper Burgess and he stumped batsman Joe Clarke at lightning speed. gave.

Warwickshire won the match

In this Group A match played in the County Championship, Warwickshire defeated Nottinghamshire by 170 runs. Nottinghamshire’s team was bowled out for only 138 runs in their second innings. Warwickshire scored 341 and 264 in the first innings, while Nottinghamshire’s team could only score 297 in the first innings and 138 in the second innings.


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