VIDEO: Doggy entered the field during a cricket match, ran fast with the ball, funny scene caught on camera


New Delhi: Many times such incidents come to the fore in the cricket world which compel the fans to laugh. Recently, in the Test series between India and England (IND vs ENG Test Series), a person named Jarvo dared to enter the field without permission. Now another Pitch Invader is in the headlines.

dog in field

During the domestic women’s cricket match in Ireland, a funny incident happened when a dog entered the field, picked up the ball and started running in the field. This scene was seen when the match between CSNI and Brady Cricket Club was going on. A leash was also tied around the dog’s neck.

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dog robbed the gathering

This incident was seen during the 9th over of the innings of CSNI Cricket Club. When batsman Abbi Leckey shot behind the wicketkeeper, the ball was picked up by a fielder standing on short third-man, just after throwing the ball, a dog appeared in the field.

Fans lost laughter

Brady team’s wicketkeeper Rachel Hepburn caught the ball and tried to blow up the stumps, but she failed, only then the dog started showing his fielding talent. He picked up the ball with his teeth and ran fast. Seeing this, everyone’s laughter broke out.

dog finally released the ball

Then a fan present in the stadium ran to the ground, probably he was the owner of the dog and chased his pet from them. The dog ran to the batsman Aoife Fisher at the non-striker end. Fischer affectionately called him, finally the dog released the ball.


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