Video: England’s fast bowler did this act on the field publicly, everyone was surprised


New Delhi: England’s fast bowler Craig Overton crossed all limits of insolence during a county match. Everyone was surprised to see this act of Craig Overton on the field in public. Rarely has Craig Overton on the field as furious as he was seen during the county match between Warwickshire and Somerset. Actually, such an incident happened in the 9th over of this match between Warwickshire and Somerset, which took everyone by surprise.

Overton publicly did this act on the field

Craig Overton, playing for Somerset, completely lost his cool during the 9th over. When Warwickshire batsman Will Rhodes hit the ball back in the direction of the bowler, Overton angrily caught the ball and tried to throw it back towards the batsman, but he could not collect the ball properly and after that he expressed his disappointment .

grieved over

After this incident, Craig Overton was severely criticized. Overton could not do any wonders while playing for Somerset against Warwickshire at Edgbaston. He spent 57 runs in 22 overs, but could not take a single wicket. Warwickshire scored 283/4.

Anger erupted over not getting a wicket

Disappointment was clearly visible on Overton’s face. Despite working hard throughout the day, the disappointment of not getting a wicket was visible on the bowler. In the 85th over of the day, Overton appealed to Mankad to dismiss non-striker Matthew Lamb. Overton did not release the ball and before taking action, the batsman at the non-striker’s end was run out. Somerset team captain Tom Abell rejected this appeal.


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