VIDEO: English Footballer caught the opponent’s private part twice


London: An English footballer (English footballer) did such an act on the ground that everyone had to be embarrassed. Preston Football Club defender Darnell Fisher of the prestigious English Premier League has done one such thing. He caught his private part not once, but twice to stop the opposition player on the field. Seeing which sports lovers were also shocked.

Darnley Fisher’s Dirty Work!
Fisher has done something on the field whose video is viral on social media and now there will be an investigation against him. In a match played against the Sheffield team, English footballer Darnell Fischer played a dirty act as a defender. He caught the private part of the player of the opposing team, Callum Paterson, twice and this action was also captured on camera. When Fisher did this for the first time, Callum also pointed to the referee, but Fisher did such an act again, regardless of his attitude.

Watch viral video

There was no audience on the ground due to the corona epidemic, but this video of them became so viral on social media that the whole world saw it. Now the Football Association has decided to investigate the matter.

Manager condemned
Sheffield team manager Tony Poulis has also condemned this act and said that he must be punished for it. Darnell Fisher’s suspension may also fall.


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