Video: Kohli got angry in the public conference, this sharp question of the reporter got pricked


Leads: After a humiliating defeat by an innings and 76 runs in the third Test against England, Team India captain Virat Kohli raised sharp questions in the press conference. During this, Virat Kohli appeared very angry, but he drank his anger. In the press conference, a sharp question from the reporter pricked Virat Kohli.

Kohli publicly got angry at the press conference

After Team India’s humiliating defeat by an innings and 76 runs in the third test match, a reporter in the press conference raised questions about captain Virat Kohli’s batting technique. When Kohli started answering, the reporter started speaking in the middle, ignoring the answer. On this, Virat Kohli controlled his anger with great difficulty and in response to the reporter’s lengthy question, only said ‘Gee, thank you’.

This sharp question of the reporter got pricked

This video of Kohli is going viral on Twitter. After this the reporter questioned Kohli about playing on the backfoot. To this Kohli replied, ‘I don’t know how to answer this question? How can you play every ball on the backfoot? Unless it is according to his length.

Kohli told why India lost the match

Kohli said after the match, ‘When you get out within 80 runs (in the first innings) then it is the pressure of the scoreboard and after that the opponent team makes such a big score.’ The Indian team had scored 215 runs for two wickets on the third day, due to which it was in good condition. Kohli said, ‘But we played well yesterday to stay in the match, we tried as much as we could and also gave ourselves a chance.’

England bowlers put up the pressure

Regarding the England bowlers, he said, ‘But today the England bowlers put a lot of pressure and in the end got the result they wanted.’ Kohli said, ‘The first innings score was very bad, it can happen in this country, the whole innings collapses like a pack of cards.’ On the fourth day’s play, he said, ‘We thought the pitch was good for batting. But the disciplined bowling forced them to commit mistakes and the pressure was too much. When you are not scoring runs, it is very difficult to get over the pressure. Due to this the batting collapsed.


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