Video: Rishabh Pant made this big statement by defeating his mentor MS Dhoni, the fans were murdered in a moment


New Delhi: Delhi Capitals, captained by Rishabh Pant, defeated Chennai Super Kigs, captained by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, by 7 wickets in the IPL match on Saturday. Rishabh Pant considers Mahendra Singh Dhoni as his mentor and he tries to improve his performance with the tips given by him.

Pant said this big thing for his mentor Dhoni

Rishabh Pant has given a heart-touching statement after defeating his mentor Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s team. This statement of Rishabh Pant made everyone his wish. After the win, Rishabh Pant praised Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. 23-year-old wicketkeeper batsman Rishabh Pant started his innings as captain with this match.

Rishabh Pant said, ‘It was very special to go for a toss with Dhoni. He is special to me, I have learned a lot from him. My first match as captain in IPL and toss was against MS (Dhoni). I have learned a lot from him and whenever I had any problem, I used to go to him. He is my go to man. It was a great feeling.

Compared to Dhoni but comparing Pant

Many times Rishabh Pant is compared with Dhoni, but this young player has said that his goal is to make a different place for himself. He, however, takes advice from Dhoni. Pant has scored 2,094 runs in 69 IPL matches. He said that he will work hard to get Delhi the first IPL title.

Rishabh Pant warned

Before the IPL, Rishabh Pant had said that he would use the tips from Mahendra Singh Dhoni to defeat his team Chennai Super Kings. Rishabh Pant had said that my first match as captain will be against Mahi Bhai (Mahendra Singh Dhoni). It will be a good experience for me, because I have learned a lot from them. I also have my own experiences as a player.


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