Video: Shreyas Iyer starts training after shoulder surgery, sweating heavily for return


New Delhi: Team India’s young batsman Shreyas Iyer is recovering from a shoulder injury these days. He did not even play in the first half of IPL due to injury. IPL 2021 was postponed indefinitely due to Corona virus, in such a situation that all cricketers are in their homes and spend most of the time on social media.

Shreyas Iyer shared the video of the workout

Shreyer Iyer has shared a video of himself on Instagram. In the video, Shreyas Iyer is seen slowly exercising his shoulder. Posting the video on her Instagram account, Shreyer Iyer wrote, ‘Workout is in progress, watch this space.’

Shreyer Iyer recovering from shoulder injury

Let me tell you that in the first ODI against England in March this year, Shreyer Iyer’s shoulder slipped during fielding, after which he underwent surgery in April. Iyer is slowly recovering from a shoulder injury. Shreyas Iyer wants to return to Team India after recovering from injury. Shreyas Iyer has now started a workout to recover from a shoulder injury.

Iyer in preparation for return in July

Let me tell you that Iyer was ruled out of the first half of IPL due to injury and Rishabh Pant was made the captain of the team in his place by Delhi Capitals. However, this season of IPL fell to Corona. It remains to be seen whether Iyer is fit for India’s tour of Sri Lanka in July this year.


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