Video: The biggest ‘blunder’ of the cricket field, the hero becomes a zero as a fielder


New Delhi: It is often seen on the cricket field that fielders also take catches that no one has even imagined. At present, the players are so agile that they are seen doing many types of feats on the field. But many times these players also do such a thing, due to which they start making fun of them.

The biggest blunder on the field

During the European Cricket League, a fielder made a great fielding, but despite this, something happened to him that is mocking him everywhere. Actually BCC batsman P Jagtap played a shot on the leg side in an attempt to hit a four. Fielding the opposing team, the fielding stopped the ball just before the boundary rope. But after that the fielder threw the bounce outside the boundary rope instead of throwing the ball to the bowler.

Became a joke

Actually, even after good fielding of this fielder, it caused such a blunder that it became a joke everywhere. Commentators were also praising this fielder, but a mistake gave him a chance to laugh openly too. This fielder managed to stop the foursome, but in the course of throwing an under-arm throw, the ball bounced across the boundary.

The video went viral on social media

This fielder will not even know how famous he will become everywhere due to one mistake. Yes, a video of this moment is becoming fiercely viral on social media. People are also giving different kinds of feedback on this video.


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