Video: This amazing catch by Kieron Pollard is no less than a surprise, fans were stunned after seeing the style like Superman


Antiga: West Indian cricketer Kieron Pollard made a surprise catch in the first ODI against Sri Lanka in Antiga, which was no less than a surprise. Everyone was stunned to see this catch of Kieron Pollard in Superman style.

Fans were shocked to see Pollard’s catch

The West Indies Cricket Board has shared the video of this excellent catch of Kieron Pollard on social media. Actually, it happened that during the Sri Lankan batting, Kieron Pollard came to bowl in the 20th over. Kieron Pollard caught the catch of Sri Lankan captain Dimuth Karunaratne on the second ball of his own over, which everyone was surprised to see.

Pollard becomes Superman

Kieron Pollard caught a catch in a Superman style, making a huge dive to the right with his own ball. This excellent catch of Kieron Pollard is being praised everywhere. Kieron Pollard tried to jump the ball to his right. During this time, the ball was dropped from his hand, but still Pollard took the catch.

Catch is being praised everywhere

This excellent catch of Kieron Pollard is being praised everywhere. Earlier in a match of T20 series against Sri Lanka, Kieron Pollard equaled Yuvraj Singh’s world record by hitting 6 sixes in 6 consecutive balls of Akila Dhananjay (Akila Dhananjay).

6 sixes were hit on 6 balls

Pollard is the third batsman in the world to hit 6 sixes in 6 balls in international cricket. Prior to Pollard, Yuvraj Singh (6) in T20I and Herschelle Gibbs had 6 sixes in 6 consecutive balls in ODIs.


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