VIDEO: Virat Kohli’s date did not last even 5 minutes, because of this Kohli ran away


New Delhi: Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian cricket team, remains in the discussion for many reasons even outside the field. A video of Kohli is going viral, in which he is referring to one of his dates. But, the surprising thing was that this date of Kohli did not last even 5 minutes and he had to run away from there.

Why did Kohli run away after leaving the date?

In this interview, Virat Kohli is seen who is telling a female anchor about one of his dates. When the anchor asked Kohli a question, Virat replies that I went on a date, but it was only for 5 minutes. Because that girl was ugly. The girl was not beautiful and because of this I ran away.

This date of Kohli did not last even 5 minutes

The female anchor had asked Virat Kohli a question about his quickest date. Virat replied, ‘My quickest date was a blind date, it ended in about five minutes. The reason for the end of the date was that the girl was very ugly, due to which I ran away. Virat Kohli was very young in this video.

Team India will stay in England for 4 months

Let us tell you that Team India has to play the final match of the World Test Championship against New Zealand from 18 to 22 June. Team India will be on tour for about four months. After this, India has to play a five-match Test series against England in their own home from August 4.

Team India reached Southampton

Team India’s cricketers have reached Southampton and are quarantined in the hotel with their respective families. Let us inform that after the postponement of IPL 2021 season, Indian players spent time with their families.


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