Video: When Shikhar Dhawan compensates for ‘mistake’, Hardik Pandya starts adding his hands, know what is the reason


Pune: During the third ODI between India and England, when Shikhar Dhawan caught Ben Stokes, Hardik Pandya became emotional and started adding hands. Seeing Hardik Pandya join hands on the ground like this, cricket fans are also surprised as to why he is doing this.

Actually, it happened that on the fourth ball of the fifth over in England’s innings, Hardik Pandya dripped a simple catch of dangerous batsman Ben Stokes, which he greatly regretted. After this, Ben Stokes once again made a mistake on the ball of T. Natarajan in the 11th over and was dismissed by catching Shikhar Dhawan. As soon as Shikhar Dhawan caught the catch of Ben Stokes, Hardik Pandya joined hands on the middle ground. Hardik Pandya’s tension went away after the dismissal of Ben Stokes, otherwise the match could have been reversed. This video of Pandya is going viral.

When Hardik Pandya gave up an easy catch of Ben Stokes, Rohit Sharma and captain Virat Kohli were not convinced, because Pandya is considered to be the best fielder. Dhawan took a catch of Stokes, then Hardik folded his hands and then bowed down on the ground and thanked Gabbar.


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