Video: Who did Rahul Tewatia publicly speaking I Love You? Laughter will not stop knowing the truth


New Delhi: IPL 2021 has been postponed indefinitely due to Corona virus. Most of the players participating in the IPL have returned to their respective homes. Meanwhile, the IPL team Rajasthan Royals (RR) shared a video of a funny moment of their players on Instagram during the tournament.

Who did Teotia propose?

Actually, during a birthday party, Rajasthan Royals player Rahul Tewatia gets a funny task, in which he has to propose a water bottle. Rajasthan Royals shared the video of this funny incident with their fans.

Teotia got this fun task

In the party, the players of Rajasthan Royals play a task among themselves. During this, he passes the pillow to everyone. As soon as the pillow stops near Tewatia, they get the task to propose the bottle. Rajasthan Royals wrote in its caption, ‘Rahul Teotia has just proposed.’

Fans have fun

Rahul Teotia proposes the bottle after this. He kisses the bottle and says I Love You. This video of him is being liked a lot. Fans are very fond of this funny video on Instagram and are constantly commenting. Rahul Tewatia has scored 86 wickets in 7 matches of IPL 2021 and has also taken two wickets.


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