Vijay Hazare Trophy: This Indian bowler did a great job, taking 7 wickets in ‘ODI’


New Delhi: Wednesday was a special day for Uttar Pradesh bowler Shivam Sharma in Vijay Hazare Trophy. Left arm spinner Shivam Sharma bowled a brilliant spin against Bihar and showed his 7 batsmen the path of the pavilion. Due to the excellent bowling of Shivam Sharma, Uttar Pradesh won this match easily by 5 wickets.

Bihar batsmen kneel down

In the Vijay Hazare Trophy match against Uttar Pradesh, the batsmen of Bihar team completely succumbed. UP spinner Shivam Sharma took the wickets of 7 batsmen from Bihar. In front of Shivam’s deadly bowling, the entire team of Bihar were all out for 193 runs in just 46.1 overs.

5 batsmen could not touch ten

In front of Shivam Sharma’s superb spin bowling, Bihar’s batting department showed in such difficulties that even 5 of his batsmen could not touch the figure of ten. Only Yashswi Rishav (67) and Babul Kumar (38) from Bihar could show some strength in the match. Except these two batsmen, no one could survive.

Uttar Pradesh won the match comfortably

Due to the excellent bowling of Shivam Sharma, the entire team of Bihar was able to score only 193 runs. The Uttar Pradesh team’s chase of 194 runs also did not start much and its opener Karan Sharma returned to the pavilion after being dismissed on the very first ball. However, due to half-century innings of Priyam Garg (57) and Akshdeep Nath (54), Uttar Pradesh finally won the match by 5 wickets.


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