Virat Kohli clashed for Anushka, because of this the person was heavily abused


New Delhi: Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian cricket team, adopts a very aggressive attitude on the field, but there have been very few occasions when he has crossed all limits outside the field. Seeing what happened in the year 2015, everyone present there was surprised that what happened to Virat, which he rained on seeing a journalist.

Virat Kohli clashed with the journalist

Actually, in the year 2015, Virat Kohli abused an Indian journalist in Australia. At that time, before the 2015 World Cup, the Indian cricket team was practicing at the Murdoch University Sports Oval. Meanwhile, Virat Kohli reached near the change room and started abusing without any provocation. Initially no one understood who he was targeting. Then he pointed a finger at a journalist.

There was controversy about Anushka

At that time Virat was abusing and talking in a threatening manner. The journalist asked why he was doing this. The journalist told Virat that he is a senior cricketer, so this behavior does not suit him. On this Virat got furious. Then Indian team’s bowling coach Bharat Arun and media manager RS. Baba intervened and pacified Virat. Virat mentioned Anushka and a news published on her.

Virat Kohli fired his anger

This news was published when he was on a tour of England. The journalist told Virat that he had not filed this news. Later Virat came to know that his displeasure was with some other journalist, but he vented his anger on someone else. He also apologized on this, but his behavior was shocking to the journalists.

BCCI had given warning to Virat Kohli

Virat had come into a lot of controversies regarding this incident. Not only this, the BCCI had also given a warning to Virat because of his such behavior. At that time, the director of the Indian cricket team, Ravi Shastri and coach Bharat Arun, while talking to Virat Kohli on this matter, asked him to exercise restraint. Ravi Shastri told Virat Kohli that he is the future captain of the Indian cricket team and this kind of behavior does not suit him. When this incident happened, Virat was not the captain of India’s ODI team at that time and the command of the team was handled by MS Dhoni.


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